Our October Fall Fun Box is on sale now. Go ahead and treat yourself today!

Subscriptions/ Returns / Damaged Items Policy

All box purchases are final and nonrefundable. If offered, Quarterly and Annual Members can cancel their box subscription(s) at any time before their next renewal date to prevent the subscription from renewing. There is no cancellation fee.  

By canceling your subscription with Live Love Local MA you are simply preventing it from renewing on its next renewal date — this process does not automatically issue a refund and you will still receive any seasonal boxes remaining under your subscription term (whether you are a Quarterly or Annual Member) prior to its next renewal date. A cancellation part-way through an Annual Member’s subscription does not trigger a refund for the remaining boxes left in their annual term prior to renewal. For example, if your Annual Subscription began (or will begin) with the April 2020 Box, you must cancel your subscription prior to April 1, 2021 to prevent the subscription from renewing for the following year. In this example, an Annual Member who cancels their subscription prior to April 1, 2021, will still receive the boxes that they have prepaid for — but will not be further charged.

If you are unsure when your next renewal date is, please send an email to service @livelovelocalma.com and we can look into this for you!

Once your subscription has renewed, we cannot retroactively terminate and refund the renewal charge. This is because we immediately begin fulfilling orders following each bi-monthly renewal date. Once a box enters the fulfillment process, we are unable to cancel the order and prevent the box from shipping to its destination. If you made a mistake during checkout or have a sudden change of heart, please send an email to service @livelovelocalma.com right away and we’ll absolutely do our best to accommodate a refund, if possible, before your box enters the fulfilment process. Once your order has entered the fulfilment process, it is considered final and nonrefundable.

*NOTE: If you are uninterested in receiving the upcoming box, you also have the option to PAUSE your subscription (skip one box). As an Annual Member, pausing your subscription will extend your term and you will still receive 6 boxes in total.  If you would like to CANCEL (prevent the renewal of) your subscription, you can do so from your SUBSCRIPTIONS AND ORDERS page when logged in to your Account, or by sending an email to our Support Team at service @livelovelocalma.com

Accidents in shipping boxes can happen.  If you received a box with a damaged item, we apologize. Exchanges on damaged/defected box items upon arrival will be honored.  Please contact us within five days of receiving your box at Service@livelovelocalma.com for replacements.